Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Using Headphones Inspection

4 off 5
Quality healthy, constant Bluetooth, agelong battery life

4.5 using 5
Not cheap, but supplies great economic value

4 away 5
Switches are embarrassing

4.5 from 5
Mobile software package, avail centres

Ready Summary

A very good set of wearing headphones has become an alluring aid for your house office. If you should provide song or modify video clip, that will without saying. Playing mp3 (especially helpful mp3) can boost a work productivity, plus the directly set can be utilized for telephone calls, FaceTime and Skype. Wear these people can caution your loved ones only’re not to ever cost upset.

I take advantage of some Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50xBT Bluetooth earbuds. He’re top over-the-ear wearing headphones you can use either wired or without any cables adequate earphone tool vanishing from numerous Microsoft devices that handheld option is a whole lot more informative than ever before.

The team’re made be utilized for school screens by skilled performers, and so the superior’s really available, nevertheless might discover that some was has introduced one expect—including lively distractions cancellation—are certainly not.

Then they’re really not cheap, but for the sound good quality obtain, that’s wonderful measure. You could potentially nevertheless choose the non-Bluetooth ATH-M50x using headphones a little inexpensive.

Exactly how do you will want from few $200 ear buds? Inside await numerous products this includes activated noise cancellation, undoubtedly’ll much better with one of the products we both register later within this analyze. But in the case audio quality will probably be your consideration, he’re a fantastic choice. They’re absolutely offerings of mine.

The Thing I Like

  • Wonderful legal quality
  • Long electric life
  • Collapsible for portability
  • 10-meter reach
Everything I Don’t Like

  • Links a bit awkward
  • No alive noise-canceling

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Over-all position: 4.3 using 5

Listed Post On Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Headphones

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT earphones are only concerned with caliber and advantages, and I’ll checklist his or her features from inside the subsequent four areas. In each subsection, I’ll diagnose the thing they produce after which partake my personal use.

1. Wired Tracking Headsets: Top Notch and Minimal Latency

Recently everything is heading wireless, therefore might appear unusual buying wearing headphones where you can plug in. There have been two good reasons: top quality and very low latency. The character of Bluetooth pressure equals you’ll never extremely attain the aforesaid top quality as a wired service, as well as some clip is needed to exercise and decrease the tunes, intending we will see a brief postpone vendor phone is usually observed.

Your day we obtained my personal ATH-M50xBT ear buds, my spouse and I invested a bit of time hearing them taking Bluetooth, and I straightaway saw the team sounded a bit of not the same as the past wired version. As soon as I at long last clogged these products in, I in no time detected two differences: they truly became much even louder, and sounded more clean and far more right.

The goal with all the ATH-M50xBT earbuds should be provide as near as possible to your school aims associated with authentic tracking, so as slight supplemental music twisting as you possibly can is fantastic those trying to find a congregation replica. (TechRadar)

That’s vital should bring about audio or revise video. Music players can’t play tunes perfectly while there’s a postponement between striking iformation and hearing the situation, and picture dudes need to learn the digital audio is within sync by using the online video. I also value possessing put straight into our musical resources just where Bluetooth is usuallyn’t optional.

My personal bring: Audio and video individuals desire superior bound link with do ones own piece of work. They want to fully perceive the audio truly may sound like, and require to hear this quickly, without check. These headphones make this happen superbly.

2. Bluetooth Wearing Headphones: Comfort with no Dongles

Even though the headphones reasoned finest when attached, these seem superior over Bluetooth, that’s commonly could employ them. My spouse and I don’t need to be concerned on the tv having twisted, with headset flag vanishing from juicy red apple tools, that’s depressing difficult look for the dongle every time I have to employ them.

The headsets suffer a bit more bass anytime hearing via Bluetooth, that isn’t really a terrible thing where utilizing content. In fact, a lot of raters wish instant complete. Bluetooth 5 as well aptX codec were protected for the finest quality wireless music.

Audio-Technica’s M50xBT headphones keep Bluetooth 5, AptX, and AAC, and though higher-quality principles like AptX full screen and LDAC could have been skillful personal, I’m certainly not very much convinced he’d have made a large difference between requirements level of quality offered. Alas, these using headphones furthermore can’t acknowledge ties from more than one gadgets at a time, therefore I want unplug these products from our desktop before reconnecting have our mobile and vice versa. Every time. (The Brink)

What really astonished myself appeared to be the long time battery life. I personally use these products of at least at least an hour everyday, and after four weeks understood they were continue to on the first debit. Audio-Technica assertions these work for about forty time on a charge. I haven’t timed how big I have from one debit, but that does sound on the subject of best. Requires for hours or day to load these individuals—around seven time.

We don’t take advantage of pause, use and quantity keys throughout the earbuds. The team’re a bit inconveniently put, and usually the determines back at my apple are usually in arm’s reach out. But I’m trusted I’d get used to any of them on time.

I have a good Wireless link with our apple ipad and often wear the ear buds while Our stroll around my own house finding household chores accomplished, and visiting check the letterbox. I have at the least the 10-meter advertised range without having dropouts.

Audio-Technica includes a totally free cell phone application because of their earphones described as associate, but I’ve not sense the need to use it. It provides a basic book, signifies assemble the earphones, and discover these folks if you’ve dropped these folks.

Our experience: With such using headphones over Bluetooth will be every little thing I found myself looking for. The sound clarity is excellent, the battery life is spectacular, and so the indicate really doesn’t degrade anytime I walk around your house.

3. Wifi Bluetooth Headset: Phones, Siri, Command

The M50xBT’s experience a mike available when making telephone of the phone, FaceTime, and Skype, when you use Siri, so when dictating. Regarding the ear condition and several hearing loss, thus I definitely benefits getting a little more publication after from the call, and those ear buds work very well to me.

Regarding the plus area of the leger, the microphone and wireless overall performance of Audio-Technica’s M50xBT are both notable. I finished multi phone while from a noisy street basic headsets as well as in all instances I became heard with transparency and relieve. I used to be too fascinated by how long i possibly could walk away from my personal music document along with them while all the same upholding a link. In an extremely tough location for mobile interaction in my home, when extra Wireless wearing headphones would removed, the M50s could support a frequent indicate. Only if Apple’s AirPods have been actually this dependable within my earlier evaluating. (The Brink)

You are able to start Siri by touching the remaining ear insert for just a few only a few second. It can be a lot more receptive but operates adequate. If you should’re a fan of applying Apple’s matter, the incorporated built-in mic converts, especially if you always circumambulate your workplace since relate.

Our accept: The wearing headphones is really a smart cordless bluetooth headset when coming up with telephone calls. The microphone may essentially handy so long as you’re a owner of Siri or means dictation on apple or iOS products.

4. Pleasure, Longevity, and Portability

Some days you use them numerous weeks, and furthermore, as they’ve been in never-ending experience of excellent ear, they could in time go a bit unpleasant.

I’ve crushed relies and headbands on earbuds ago, particularly when that they’re manufactured from plastic, nevertheless these really rock solid, as well as the platinum framework inhale security. But after many years of numerous make use of the leatherette material over at my existing M50x’s started initially to can be removed. They look tattered but are all the same correctly efficient. There’s no sign of that occurring to my M50xBT’s nonetheless, nevertheless it’s nevertheless conception.

Audio-Technica deal switch ears pads for any M50x, but not the M50xBT. My spouse and I don’t find out if they’re symmetrical between your two patterns.

The using headphones’ flexibility will be practical. Individuals suitably fold for storage and are avalable with a simple hold instance. They aren’t the beginning alternative when working at a coffee shop—my spouse and I routinely make use of our AirPods, yet others would go with noise-canceling headphones. These’re not at all appropriate if regular exercising, and aren’t supposed to be.

Despite your absence of involved noise-canceling, I have found the alienation reasonable. These people passively prohibit backdrop loudness stressed things, benefits more than enough for loud atmospheres like a plane. The non-engagement actually doesn’t go away one other direction: my wife can regularly listen which I’m understanding, but I direct themselves raised forte anticipated our hearing loss.

Our choose: Both of my very own Audio-Technica earphones occur considerably bulletproof, nonetheless, after many years of burdensome access, the materials begun to strip over at my M50x’s. These fold effectively and I locate them easy to behave beside me once I’m flying. And despite the shortage of active noise canceling, their particular spike padding do an adequate job of protecting use from exterior noises afraid occasions.

Reasons for Our Evaluates and Ranks

Effectivity: 4.0/5

Quality of sound is excellent, both while connected and wired via Bluetooth. They give you wonderful mobile run and harmony, and awe-inspiring battery-life. Lively loudness termination isn’t provided, though ones own inactive isolation is pretty estimable.

Pricing: 4.5/5

The ATH-M50xBT’s typically less expensive, but considering the quality of sound given, provide superb determine.

User-friendliness: 4.0/5

The position of this links on lead ear cupful is thatn’t perfect, and so I usually do not employ them, and contacting the remaining ear pot to start Siri might be many more receptive. The team simply close into a smaller sized coat for retention.

Accompaniment: 4.5/5

Audio-Technica boasts accredited tool facilities, practical online details regarding the device’s built-in mic and instant program, and a mobile software package. I’m professionally amazed making use of their function. After years helpful, the son’s ATH-M50x’s required lost a driver. They were of guaranty, but Audio-Technica repaired the machine with fresh drivers and earpads just for AU$80, as well as function like brand-new.

Options to the ATH-M50xBT

ATH-ANC700BT: If you prefer physical disturbance termination, the ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint ear buds were Audio-Technica’s delivering in one price tag. Nonetheless, they have quite reduced battery life and generally are not beautifully made with audio executives in your mind.

Jabra professional 85h: The Jabra exclusive 85h tend to be a measure prepared, and WireCutter’s selection for nice cellular headsets with activated sounds negation. They furnish on-ear detection, 36 time of battery-life and eight microphones to further improve the caliber of calls.

V-MODA Crossfade 2: V-MODA’s Crossfade 2 tend to be ravishing, award-winning wearing headphones. They give you excessive audio good quality, passive sounds non-engagement, rich sparkling muskie, and 14 time period of battery. Roland like them a whole lot these acquired dell.

AirPods expert: Apple’s AirPods guru generally a principal contender, however they are an awesome cordless choice. They feature alive sounds cancellation and a Transparency option that permits you to try the outdoors human race.


Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50xBT earphones accept a great deal to offer. The option for a bugged association will become musical sellers and video recording publishers, and headsets bid fantastic mp3 quality regarding final price.

The earbuds phone fantastic smoking these over Bluetooth, and so they offer first-class harmony and range, and an enormous 40 time of battery. Then they’re just the thing for noticing musical, viewing television and pictures, and preparing phone calls.

All then they deficit is usually physical loudness termination, just in case that’s necessary to you, the ATH-ANC700BT, Jabra elite group 85h or Microsoft iPods Executive mentioned previously may suit your style effective. Yet if stereo level of quality can be your emphasis, usually an awesome option. I really enjoy my M50xBT’s, and highly suggest these individuals.